Dirty Weekender – Adventure Vans

Our friends at Dirty Weekender built the UK’s FIRST converted T6

We prepared the vehicle before it’s first public engagement at Busfest on 4th September. The quality of the fit finish is outstanding (and we’re very fussy as you know!) We work with a lot of VWs these days and no other company’s work comes close. If you are in the market for a lifestyle camper you need to talk to Johnny and Katie @ DW.

And don’t forget that it will be us preparing it before you collect 🙂

Before the T6 was even released DW had managed not only to get their paws on one…but to do a FULL Reimo conversion on it including air suspension in just 8 days!!! The result is a BEAUTY. With a Reimo Easy Fit roof, Triostyle furniture, full leather retrim and wrap she stuck out from the masses when we debuted her at Busfest this weekend. I’m pretty sure we can claim the FIRST T6 CONVERSION in the UK! Thank you to all of those that helped to make it possible our incredible and relentless DW team as well as our fantastic suppliers.

Source: Dirty Weekender – Adventure Vans

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New Bentley Bentayga goes on sale as waiting list extends to 2017

Bentley will reinvent the notion of a luxury SUV early next year, when deliveries of its Bentayga commence.This will be the first production 4×4 to convincingly vault above the Range Rover in the prestige stakes. It’ll be more expensive, too, with a likely price of around £160,000.What does that get you?

A mighty W12 petrol engine with twin turbos and a 600bhp, 663lb ft output is what, with an eight-speed auto box and full-time four-wheel drive.It’s all housed on a platform borrowed from the Audi Q7, which is nice and light as it’s made mainly from aluminium. All things are relative of course, and in this case ‘light’ means a kerb weight of 2422kg, but that’s not bad for what is a truly immense vehicle even by SUV standards.Talking of immense things, that’s what its top speed is. An immense 187mph, to be exact. And the first 60 of them are seen off in a trifling 4.0 seconds.Shifting almost two and a half tonnes and 17 feet of metal at that sort of rate takes some doing, so it’s actually rather impressive that the Bentayga manages to return about 22mpg combined. That’s still a lot these days, as are the 292g/km it emits, but these figures bear out the worth of Bentley’s efforts to improve economy through all the technology it can get its hands on.If you lift off the power in any of the top four gears, for example, the vehicle will unhook the gearbox and coast until your foot goes back down.

Enjoying the experience will be your good self plus three or four others – buyers can specify a four or five-seat interior. A wheelbase of more than 16 feet means there’s no end of room in there, and there’s no end of luxury either. Bentley insisted that it should be as upmarket as any of its other vehicles inside, rugged drivetrain notwithstanding.And it is rugged, too. ‘Owners may never drive these vehicles off-road,’ said engineering boss Rolf Frech at the Bentayga’s Frankfurt launch, ‘but they must know it will perform in tough conditions.’Bentley must know that, too, having put in more than a million miles of testing during the car’s development. These went into fine-tuning features like all-round computer-controlled air springs, which operate in a total of eight driver-selected modes – four each on and off-road.Orders are being taken now for the Bentayga, ahead of deliveries in the first quarter of 2016. But the first year’s order book is already full – if you order now, your delivery won’t be until 2017.

Source: New Bentley Bentayga goes on sale as waiting list extends to 2017 – Chronicle Live

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Why we have a workshop

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When we started the Company at the end of 2011 we were a 100% mobile business offering mobile detailing and mobile valeting. We very quickly realised that if we wanted to deliver the quality of work we were capable of delivering a permanent, indoor base was essential. The simple fact is mobile detailing has to compromise in so many areas due to the weather, atmospheric conditions, pollutants etc. You can’t correct paint when pollen is falling onto the car while you’re polishing! It also limits the type of protection products that can be used – the best products on the market need carefully controlled conditions and have to be kept dry for a minimum of 12 hours after application.

Since 2013 we have operated from secure premises in the heart of the Midlands. We have invested in the best equipment available including an extensive lighting rig and added complimentary services to our portfolio. We were one of the first Gyeon Certified Detailers in the country and continue to work with the to this day. The quality of our work is now better than ever thanks to our continued commitment to investment, training and a relentless passion to be the best.

Of course we have maintained and expanded our mobile offering continuing investment into equipment, training and products but this is strictly limited to mobile valeting and ECU Remapping. We will never carry out detailing work on a mobile basis, we would rather not do the job than compromise our quality.

Our mobile valeting offering is a reliable, high-tech, high quality service that you will find hard to beat. We don’t use TFR, sponges, drying blades, chamois leather, acid based wheel cleaners etc to get you car clean. Everything we use – equipment, chemicals and process – has been developed in the detailing side of our business and transferred over to guarantee a 100% safe wash with durable protection for a fair price.

With the car care industry you really do get what you pay for.


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