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We’re hiring to keep up with demand! – POSITIONS NOW FILLED

I am looking for two enthusiastic people to join our busy business. One will be a full time position – 40 hours, one part time – up to 24 hours.

The full time position will be primarily aimed at our ECU Remapping business and Detailing and as such I am looking for someone with previous detailing experience. ECU Remapping experience isn’t essential since full training to an IMI Certified level will be provided. This role will also include some mobile valeting as required especially at the beginning.

The part time position will be primarily aimed at our mobile valeting operation servicing our portfolio of existing clients and looking to expand this further. Training in all aspects of our business will be provided over time. Hours for this role could be expanded into a full time position as you develop our portfolio further.

The activities you will be expected to be involved with include, but are not limited to:

Mobile Valeting
Detailing – skill level dependent
ECU Remapping
Events all over the UK
Answering the telephone and booking new business
Managing your diary and time
Promoting the company and your work on our social media pages
Actively selling our service solutions and product to suit customer’s needs
Providing the best levels of customer service in the business
Maintaining the workshop and company vehicles to high standards
Building close working relationships with our suppliers
Supporting on-going training

The ideal candidate will have the following traits:

Honest, trustworthy and dependable
Presentable appearance
Able to interact with customers in a friendly but professional manner
Hard working – not scared of a bit of rain or cold weather
Be flexible in their approach and open minded
Not mind working weekends, occasional late nights and away from home
Have an eye for detail
Able to follow instructions, manage their own time and meet deadlines
Work strongly in a team as well as on their own
Basic computer skills
Good telephone manner
Have a sense of humour
Hold a full, clean UK driving licence
Be over 25 for our Motor Trade Policy Insurance – if you can’t drive and I can’t get you on the insurance you can’t do the job!

Salary will be £16000pa + bonuses for the full time position and pro-rata for part time. Benefits include 5.6 weeks holiday, Enrolment into our Employers Workplace Pension from 1st January 2017, company mobile phone where appropriate. There will be a 3 month probation period.

Applicants should apply in writing with a full CV and covering letter explaining why you are perfect for the job. The email address you should send applications to is richard.allen@reflections-detailing.co.uk.


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Why we have a workshop

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When we started the Company at the end of 2011 we were a 100% mobile business offering mobile detailing and mobile valeting. We very quickly realised that if we wanted to deliver the quality of work we were capable of delivering a permanent, indoor base was essential. The simple fact is mobile detailing has to compromise in so many areas due to the weather, atmospheric conditions, pollutants etc. You can’t correct paint when pollen is falling onto the car while you’re polishing! It also limits the type of protection products that can be used – the best products on the market need carefully controlled conditions and have to be kept dry for a minimum of 12 hours after application.

Since 2013 we have operated from secure premises in the heart of the Midlands. We have invested in the best equipment available including an extensive lighting rig and added complimentary services to our portfolio. We were one of the first Gyeon Certified Detailers in the country and continue to work with the to this day. The quality of our work is now better than ever thanks to our continued commitment to investment, training and a relentless passion to be the best.

Of course we have maintained and expanded our mobile offering continuing investment into equipment, training and products but this is strictly limited to mobile valeting and ECU Remapping. We will never carry out detailing work on a mobile basis, we would rather not do the job than compromise our quality.

Our mobile valeting offering is a reliable, high-tech, high quality service that you will find hard to beat. We don’t use TFR, sponges, drying blades, chamois leather, acid based wheel cleaners etc to get you car clean. Everything we use – equipment, chemicals and process – has been developed in the detailing side of our business and transferred over to guarantee a 100% safe wash with durable protection for a fair price.

With the car care industry you really do get what you pay for.


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So you’ve ordered a new car

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Congratulations! If you’re anything like us you’ll be like a kid waiting for Christmas. Collecting a new car is an exciting experience, it will be presented to you by your salesman in the dealerships purpose-built handover bay where they’ll take you through the controls and key features of your new car. It should look the best it ever will. But, will it?

While it is under those lights have a close look at the paintwork.  What you are likely to see are swirl marks – these are very feint scratches in the clearcoat of the paint, it is permanent damage that won’t wash out and is very difficult to remove by hand, in fact trying to “T-Cut” them out will often cause a lot more damage.

Why is it there? Dealership valeting teams are generally poorly trained and under a lot of pressure. They get as little as 45 minutes to fully prepare your new car. Swirls in your brand new pant are almost an inevitability because of the processes they use when washing your car.

What can you do about it? Don’t let them prepare it and NEVER buy their “Protection” products. They are overpriced, badly applied and rarely live up to expectation. Use a professional, Certified Detailer to clean, decontaminate, perfect and protect your new car. It will take couple of days but the cost won’t be too dissimilar to what your dealership would charge for their protection and your car will look better than your wildest expectations.

Check out our Gyeon Advanced New Car Protection Service to see what we do over 16-20 hours with a new car.


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Cleaning your car isn’t just about looking good

New research shows that the traditional Sunday afternoon act of washing the cars is dying. The rise of sports on satellite TV and hobbies such as cycling are occupying more and more of our free time. The result has been a shift to the cheap hand car washes that have sprung up on almost every old petrol station site and those waterless washes you see on supermarket car parks. For £3-£5 someone else will wash your car for you leaving you free to do something else. But at what cost?

These hand car washes use caustic traffic film remover (TFR) and strong wheel cleaners to get you car close to presentable in as short a time as possible. They have to. They have a limited number of sponges/wash mitts/towels etc so you know they will be reusing them during the day, some will even use drying blades. This is all bad news for the long term care of your car. You will end up with damaged metal trims thanks to the TFR, swirls and scratches in your paintwork, corroded alloy wheels and the sad thing is it can be avoided.

hand car wash result
This Infinti M35H was hand washed at a roadside car wash twice a week for a year. The new owner wanted us to correct the paint. We made it look like new but gave the owner a bill for £600. Now, is that £3 wash still cheap?

Spending an hour washing your car yourself will prevent a whole host of damage being done just by following a few simple guidelines – we will be publishing a complete car care guide in the near future – which will keep your car looking better for longer, make the cleaning process easier and crucially, maintain a higher sale value.

Of course if you don’t fancy that companies like us will come out to you to carry out safe cleaning on a regular basis.

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