Lease Return

Lease return – that scary process at the end of the lease when your car is inspected for damage on behalf of the finance company.

There are very strict guidelines covering what will be classed as wear and tear and what will become a chargeable repair when your car is returned. Any unrepaired damage outside of their guidelines will hit your wallet hard. This is where our Lease Return service can help.

We have experienced how tough lease return inspections are – we lease all of our vans – and so we understand what you can and can’t get away with. Having repairs carried out before you send the car back will save you money in the long run.

Here’s how our lease return service works.

  1. We carry out an inspection of your car and identify the items that you will be required to repair before return.
  2. We produce a written quote that day and email it to you detailing what we can do and the cost of each item.
  3. The quote will be valid for 14 days.
  4. Once you have decided to proceed you sign and return the quotation, we will book your car in then arrange and manage all of the repairs with our carefully selected suppliers. Because we have negotiated trade rates we can pass on savings to you.
  5. Once all of the repairs have been completed we carry out a full valet and the car is returned to you.

We suggest that the work is scheduled 4-5 weeks before the vehicle is due to be returned and carried out just before the actual return.

We can include mechanical repairs, servicing, MOT, tyre replacement, body work, PDR, alloy wheel refurbishment, interior smart repairs, leather repairs, valeting etc. We can’t do anything about excess mileage or missed scheduled servicing. You will be charged for those items.

We may ask you to leave the car with us for a few hours to produce an accurate quote where mechanical or body work is required.

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