Event & Exhibition Valeting

Event Valeting & Exhibition Valeting

With Event Valeting and Exhibition Valeting, our objective is to provide a high quality, self-managed service that delivers vehicles presented to the highest standards whilst having minimal impact on the running of the event.

We can support events of all sizes right across Europe using our network of fully trained, experienced operators. Our services are completely bespoke and scalable to suit your needs. We cater for virtually any motoring event, just tell us what your end result needs to be and we will build the perfect solution for you.

We have already worked with a number of high profile clients supporting some of the best-known motoring brands in the world. The events have included press launches for new vehicles, dealership training and brand immersion, brand hosted customer VIP days, static displays for public vehicle launches etc.

Whether you have 10 cars or 100, our high-quality processes use techniques that you simply won’t find anyone else using. This, along with our eye for detail, great customer service and high standards will ensure the vehicles we hand over are exactly what you need, every day.

Every client we have worked with has used our services more than once, a fact we are very proud of.

If you are launching a new car, unveiling a new concept, hosting a motorsport event, brand immersion, dealer training or managing a press day why not talk to us and see what we have to offer.

Here are a few reasons to choose Reflections Detailing for your event valeting:

  • Customer service and vehicle presentation are our priorities.
  • Competitively priced.
  • We can offer full vehicle management for your event.
  • Self-managed beyond the initial briefing and very well organised.
  • Properly and comprehensively insured.
  • Risk assessment and method statements completed and documented. MSDS & COSHH will be onsite.
  • Well maintained, heavy-duty equipment used.
  • Able to prepare vehicles to full show standard including full detailing if required.
  • Operators can work in your branded uniform if required.

You can contact Richard Allen to discuss your requirements using any of the following methods:

Office: 01384 569237

Mobile: 07944 510140

Email: richard.allen@reflections-detailing.co.uk