Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing

Our Motorcycle Detailing service is carried out by Lee, our resident biker. He is an enthusiastic owner/rider as well as a qualified bike instructor and has many years experience preparing and maintaining bikes. This places him in an ideal position to combine his detailing skills with his bike knowledge to bring you the best motorcycle detailing service in the Midlands.

This is what our Motorcycle Detailing includes:

  • If fitted your bike fairings are removed to allow better access to chassis and engine components.
  • Snow foam is applied to break down traffic film and encapsulate loose dirt and dust particles for safe rinsing. This is then rinsed under pressure to ensure the bike is as free from surface contaminants as possible before any contact washing is done.
  • The engine and chassis are then degreased using a combination of chemicals and specialist brushes to get into the hard to reach areas.
  • Tar is chemically removed from all areas of the bike including exhaust can, under the seat etc.
  • The chemicals are then rinsed off under pressure.
  • We hand wash all areas of the bike with a microfibre wash mitt to ensure no damage to delicate areas like painted panels and windshields.
  • Final high-pressure rinse including the application of Gyeon Wet Coat (a high-tech, high-quality Si02 coating) to chassis, wheels, engine and controls to provide a hard wearing, temperature resistant, non-sticky protective coating. A lot of companies use ACF50 but we find this attracts dust and dirt and can retain moisture.
  • We dry the bike using a high velocity, warm air dryer.
  • All painted panels are machined polished to remove swirling and light scratches and restore the full colour and gloss.
  • We then apply a very hard Ceramic coating in multiple layers to maximise durability and glossiness. The coating we use is both hydrophobic and oleophobic meaning it repels both water and oils. Tar is less likely to stick to it. You can expect the coating to last 5 years with careful maintenance.
  • All chrome is polished and sealed.
  • We will lubricate the chain and cables.
  • We will polish polycarbonate windshields if they can be removed. This will reduce the amount of scratching and possibly completely remove it. We will apply a Ceramic coating to the outer face to repel water.

You can get a free quotation using our online quote system for our latest pricing. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking you can call us free (including mobile phones) on 0800 043 3055.