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So you’ve ordered a new car

Congratulations! If you’re anything like us you’ll be like a kid waiting for Christmas. Collecting a new car is an exciting experience, it will be presented to you by your salesman in the dealerships purpose-built handover bay where they’ll take you through the controls and key features of your new car. It should look the best it ever will. But, will it?

While it is under those lights have a close look at the paintwork.  What you are likely to see are swirl marks – these are very feint scratches in the clearcoat of the paint, it is permanent damage that won’t wash out and is very difficult to remove by hand, in fact trying to “T-Cut” them out will often cause a lot more damage.

Why is it there? Dealership valeting teams are generally poorly trained and under a lot of pressure. They get as little as 45 minutes to fully prepare your new car. Swirls in your brand new pant are almost an inevitability because of the processes they use when washing your car.

What can you do about it? Don’t let them prepare it and NEVER buy their “Protection” products. They are overpriced, badly applied and rarely live up to expectation. Use a professional, Certified Detailer to clean, decontaminate, perfect and protect your new car. It will take couple of days but the cost won’t be too dissimilar to what your dealership would charge for their protection and your car will look better than your wildest expectations.

Check out our Gyeon Advanced New Car Protection Service to see what we do over 16-20 hours with a new car.