Referral Rewards

We love our customers, without them, we would be nothing, literally! A lot of our business comes from referrals from existing customers and we thought it as about time we rewarded people for spreading the word about our brilliant services.

A lot of our business comes from referrals from existing customers and we thought it as about time we rewarded people for spreading the word about our brilliant services. With that in mind, we have created our unique, Referral Reward Scheme.

All customers who have used us in the past, or do so in future, will qualify to participate in the scheme which offers individual rewards of up to £40 with no cap on the number of referrals that can be made. The more people you refer, the more will use Reflections Detailing and the more you will earn! It’s that simple.

Find out more about our Referral Rewards Scheme here, and don’t forget to share!

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Don’t pay for airport parking

Here are the issues:

You want your car detailed but can’t afford to be without it for 3 or 4 days.

You’re going on holiday but really don’t want to leave your pride and joy with airport parking (and pay £100+ for the privilege. )

Here is the solution:

Have your car professionally Detailed by us while you’re relaxing by the pool with a cold beer and we will store your car inside our secure workshop while you’re away at no extra charge. You will come home to a car looking better than it did when it was new, you won’t have had to cope without it and the money you saved by not using airport parking will go towards our bill!

Call us free on 0800 0433055 to find out more.

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Cleaning your car isn’t just about looking good

New research shows that the traditional Sunday afternoon act of washing the cars is dying. The rise of sports on satellite TV and hobbies such as cycling are occupying more and more of our free time. The result has been a shift to the cheap hand car washes that have sprung up on almost every old petrol station site and those waterless washes you see on supermarket car parks. For £3-£5 someone else will wash your car for you leaving you free to do something else. But at what cost?

These hand car washes use caustic traffic film remover (TFR) and strong wheel cleaners to get you car close to presentable in as short a time as possible. They have to. They have a limited number of sponges/wash mitts/towels etc so you know they will be reusing them during the day, some will even use drying blades. This is all bad news for the long term care of your car. You will end up with damaged metal trims thanks to the TFR, swirls and scratches in your paintwork, corroded alloy wheels and the sad thing is it can be avoided.

hand car wash result
This Infinti M35H was hand washed at a roadside car wash twice a week for a year. The new owner wanted us to correct the paint. We made it look like new but gave the owner a bill for £600. Now, is that £3 wash still cheap?

Spending an hour washing your car yourself will prevent a whole host of damage being done just by following a few simple guidelines – we will be publishing a complete car care guide in the near future – which will keep your car looking better for longer, make the cleaning process easier and crucially, maintain a higher sale value.

Of course if you don’t fancy that companies like us will come out to you to carry out safe cleaning on a regular basis.

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