AlloyGator – The Best Protection For Your Wheels

We’ve all done it. That sickening feeling you get through your steering wheel as your alloy wheel scrapes along the kerb. The great news is you will never have to suffer that feeling again. AlloyGators were developed to solve this problem and as a result, kerb damage could be a thing of the past. With AlloyGator, if you do scrape the kerb the super tough nylon trim will prevent damage to your wheels.


Take a look at the video below to see just how good they are.


AlloyGators are compatible with almost all wheel and tyre combinations and can be fitted to wheels up to 24″ in diameter. With 15 colours available you could choose black, silver or graphite for a discreet look or maybe choose one of the bold colours to enhance and customise the look of your car. You could even have glow-in-the-dark trims fitted!

Unlike other products available, AlloyGator doesn’t just rely on a bit of double-sided tape to hold them on, they are fitted between the wheel and the tyre and wrap around to provide the best protection available on the market. They are fitted with your wheels on the car and they won’t affect the balancing or cause vibration, in fact, while you’re driving you’ll forget they are even there! And when it is time to change your tyres it can be one with the AlloyGators still fitted.

Made in the UK

Designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed all over the world, AlloyGator won the Auto Express Product of The Year award in 2013 and still receives rave reviews. People who choose AlloyGator tend to have them fitted to every car they own, tens of thousands of sets have been fitted worldwide and we are delighted to be offering these to our customers. In fact, we are one of a handful of AlloyGator 5 Star Fitters in the UK and the only 5 Star Fitter in the area.

It takes about 30 minutes to fit a set of AlloyGators and we can do it while you wait. We carry all colours in stock. You can see examples of the colours available in the gallery below.


AlloyGator fits wheels up to 24″ and now costs just £129 for a full set, fitted.

To find out more or book an appointment call us on 0800 0433055.