Brake Caliper Painting

Brake Caliper Painting

Transform your tired old brake calipers or simply add your own unique touch to your car with our superb Brake Caliper Painting service.

Over the course of two days, we will take your tired/boring brake calipers and turn them into something you can be proud of.

Brake Caliper Painting Process

We have the facilities and equipment to store your car while we do the work and the skills necessary to safely remove and refit the calipers including a diagnostic computer, necessary for cars with electric park brakes.

  • Put electric park brake pads into service position if required
  • Remove the calipers and carriers from the car
  • Sandblast all components, including springs and clips, to remove existing coatings, dirt and rust
  • Clean all sand residue off the components and prepare the surfaces for paint
  • Apply a minimum of 3 coats of high quality, 2 pack polyurethane paint
  • Infrared bake the paint to form a very glossy and durable finish
  • Design, cut and apply decals if required and clearcoat over
  • Prepare and paint the hubs avoiding the wheel mating face – usually black or anthracite for an OEM look
  • Reassemble the calipers using high-performance Ceratek grease and correctly torque the mounting bolts
  • Pressure bleed the hydraulic system and top off the brake fluid
  • Use a computer to return the park brake pads back to operating position
  • Refit the road wheels at the manufacturer-specified torque setting
  • Road test the car
brake caliper painting west midlands and worcestershire

Brake Caliper Painting

These brakes are from a BMW Z4. The calipers and carriers were removed from the vehicle for sandblasting and deep cleaning prior to paint. Once they are ready they go through a multi-stage painting process and baked. When they are ready to be handled we reassemble the components using Ceratek grease and thread lock as required. The hydraulic system is bled under pressure for perfect results.

Of course, we are fully insured to work on, store and drive your car while we carry out our brake caliper painting service.


We have over 350 colours to choose from in the polyurethane range and almost any colour you can think of from our body colour paint range so we’re bound to have something to suit your car.

Our polyurethane paint offers excellent durability and a nice, glossy finish. Our body paint range uses a 3 part system to colour and clearcoat your calipers. This is perfect for metallic finishes and where body colour matching is desired.

Using our in-house plotter, we are able to recreate manufacturer logos for decals and produce them in a number of colours using the best quality cast vinyl for durability. We will clearcoat over decals for durability.

Brake caliper painting can add a dynamic, visual element to the appearance of your car, or simply tidy up a functional element.

Next Steps

Call us now on 0800 0533055 to find out how our brake caliper painting service can help you or check out our online quote system for a quote. We are very confident that you will not find better value anywhere else.