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Car Detailing

Bespoke Car Detailing tailored to suit your individual needs.

Detailing is the very thorough cleaning, improvement and protection of vehicles and it takes days rather than hours to do. Unlike valeting, the improvement achieved are permanent and the quality of protection is in a different league.

Our Car Detailing treatments are tailored to suit your individual needs and will restore the appearance of your car to something that is arguably better than new. The gloss levels, depth of reflection and clarity will be significantly better, not just to the trained eye but to everyone who looks at it. The results car detailing can achieve are permanent and provided you take a little extra care when cleaning your car can be maintained for years to come.

Although anyone can learn the technical skills involved with detailing being an exceptional detailer requires talent, training and lots of practice. You have to have an eye for the smallest details, understand the processes used to achieve perfection and have the passion needed to deliver your best work, every minute of every day. It is one of the reasons we were the very first Gyeon Quartz Certified Detailer in the Midlands. At Reflections Detailing our passion combined with decades of experience and ongoing investment in training, equipment and products mean you couldn’t be in more capable hands.

We operate from a modern studio on a gated estate in the heart of the West Midlands, it is protected by a state of the art monitored alarm system and CCTV and we are of course, fully insured. We offer our car detailing customers the use of our courtesy cars and we are a couple of minutes away from Cradley Heath railway station which is on the main line from Worcester to Birmingham.


What is included?

All of our detailing treatments include:

  • Snow foam pre-wash.
  • 3 bucket safe wash.
  • Detailed clean of grills, panel gaps, door shuts, fuel filler cap etc.
  • Removal of organic and industrial fallout from the car.
  • Removal of tar deposits.
  • Soft towel and hot air dry.
  • Paintwork inspection using various light sources, digital paint thickness gauge and a digital microscope.
  • Wheel arch cleaning.
  • Exhaust tip polishing & sealing.
  • Glass polishing & sealing.
  • Wheels off clean, decontaminate and ceramic protection.
  • Plastic trim sealant.

Bronze Detail

Our Bronze Detail is aimed at cars which are in good condition but have minor swirling. The aim of this service is to reduce paint surface defects, restore colour and improve the sharpness and clarity. We will usually achieve around 75% paint correction with the Bronze Detail and is a great value option that will significantly improve the appearance of a daily driver where absolute perfection is not the aim. A single stage machine polish balances correction with a good quality finish in readiness for your choice of paint protection.

A Bronze Detail normally takes 1-2 days.


Silver Detail

Our Silver Detail includes a minimum 2 stage machine polish to remove a greater number of more serious defects and achieve an even better finish. It is suitable for cars that have regularly been through automated car washes, roadside hand washes or where a higher level of paint correction is desirable. We aim for a minimum of 90% paint correction with this service.

This is our most popular service and works very well with Gyeon DuraFlex as the protection.

This service normally takes around 3 days.


Gold Detail

If you are looking for perfection then our Gold Detail is the service you should consider. Using a multi-stage machine polishing process allows us to remove every defect possible leaving a finish that simply cannot be bettered. This treatment tends to go hand in hand with one or more of our additional services to achieve the level of overall improvement desired. Polishing includes areas not normally included like door shuts, alloy wheels etc.

This service is something we rarely recommend and only do so on show cars, collectable cars. We would never recommend this service for a daily driver.

This service can take up to 10 days. We take our time to make it perfect!

Full Orange Peel Removal

Orange peel comes free with the vast majority of cars on sale today, it’s a by product of the painting process and isn’t considered a defect by manufacturers. Of course it can limit the quality of the finish possible and the only way tp successfully remove it is by wet sanding.

For this treatment we will either reduce the level of orange peel to improve the level of clarity and depth of gloss or remove it completely for the ultimate finish.  Which route we take is determined by what you want to achieve, the time we can have and your budget. This isn’t a cheap service and complete orange peel removal can take in excess of 120 hours.

We don’t have a fixed price for this treatment and you won’t find it in our quote system. To be able to give you a quote we will need to see and inspect the car. As a guide, the minimum price is usually in excess of £2000.

Car Detailing Protection Choices

We include Gyeon CanCoat as standard with our car detailing services because it offers 6 months+ durability, great looks and good self-cleaning properties. We treat all exterior surfaces with coatings from the Gyeon range so wheels, plastic trims, glass and chrome all receive world-class protection too. Of course, you can upgrade the paint protection to any of the following coatings at extra cost:

Gyeon Quartz Pure. A midrange, 9H ceramic coating offering high levels of glossiness, around 2-micron thickness and durability of around 18 months.

Gyeon Quartz DuraFlex. Our favourite paintwork coating. It is a 2 part protection product that includes an incredibly hard base layer and flexible top layer. This makes it more resistant to chemicals, surface contaminants and extremes of temperature. It is a very slick product which gives it great self-cleaning properties helping it to stay cleaner for longer. We guarantee this coating for 5 years and it is only available to Gyeon Quartz Certified Detailers.

Other Brands. If there is something else you would like let us know and we’ll get hold of it for you.


We offer a wide range of additional services delivered in-house or through our network of carefully selected partners.

Interior Detailing and Protection.
Engine Bay Detailing.
Convertible Roof Cleaning, Recolouring and Waterproofing.
Leather Recolouring and Repair.
PDR (Paintless Dent Removal.)
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment.
Brake Caliper Painting.
AlloyGator fitting.
Bodyshop work/repainting/respray work.
Headlight Restoration.

For a free, no obligation Car Detailing quotation you can use our online quote tool or call us on 0800 0433055 for more information.