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Courtesy Car T&Cs

Courtesy Car Terms and Conditions

We have two Citroen C1s that we allow our customers to use while we carry out detailing treatments subject to these terms an conditions.

Here are the terms and conditions of use.

  • All customers wishing to take advantage of our courtesy cars will be required to provide fully comprehensive cover for the duration they have the car. We will need to see and copy a cover note before you can take the car.
  • We will need a copy of your current UK driving licence.
  • Cars will be inspected for damage prior to being taken and upon return. All damage incurred whilst the car is in a customer’s possession will be chargeable. We will endeavour to carry out repair work ourselves to keep costs as low as possible. In the event, that you do damage the car please report it to us on 08000433055 immediately. Don’t organise a repair yourself.
  • Customers are required to uphold all traffic laws while the car is in their possession and will be responsible for any fines, penalties or convictions that occur while they have the car. Where non-endorsable penalties occur we will pay them immediately to minimise the cost and invoice you along with the evidence we are sent.
  • The car must only be used by the drivers named on the insurance certificate.
  • Fuel used must be replaced or an additional charge for fuel will be made.
  • No pets permitted in the cars at any time.
  • No smoking permitted in the cars at any time. A charge will be made for cleaning and deodorising where a car where smoking has occurred. The charge will be a minimum of £120+VAT.
  • In the event that the car is seized or impounded as a result of your actions, you will be responsible for all recovery costs.
  • Courtesy cars are subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice at any time.
  • The cars must not be used for track use, hire or reward or transporting rubbish,
  • In the event that your insurance does not cover the costs associated with a claim, our insurance will pick up the shortfall on a contingent basis. You will be required to pay the excess which is £1000 per claim.