Mayvinci Certified Detailer

Back in February we were invited to attend the launch of the Mayvinci in the UK and have our technical skills validated to allow us to be Mayvinci Certified Detailers.

Mayvinci’s ethos is based around excellence, from the quality of their product and how well thy perform through the companies they choose to work with. The company has investment from a Qatari ruling family and has centres of excellence all over the Middle East and Africa. Follow them on Instagram, or their MD Gideon King (@ayanmoking) and you’ll see what I mean.

Every product they have created is excellent but the one that excites me the most is Oracle – a self-healing ceramic coating guaranteed for 5 years. It offers all of the benefits of normal ceramic coating with many of the benefits of full car PPF coverage but for around a quarter of the price of full car PPF.

It is available now as part of our detailing and new car protection services. For more information please call us on 0800 0433055.