New Additions

Well, 2017 has started off expensively! We’ve invested over £20k in new equipment to improve the quality of service we provide, the speed that we provided it and improve convenience of accessing our services.

We have been remapping for 2 years now and £6k of our investment has gone on new equipment that will increase the number of vehicles we can do in-house. This allows us to reduce prices on bench tuning slightly, reduce lead time and reduce the amount of time we need your car for. We have also bought a new piece of equipment that is better at tuning VAG group cars and removes the need to bench tune in a lot of cases.

For the detailing side of the business, our new 3.2tonne scissor lift will allow us to deliver even higher standards than we already do and save our knees and backs at the same time!

And our popular courtesy car has been joined by another, brand new Citroen C1. This has allowed us to reduce the waiting time where our customer need the use of a courtesy car.

Of course this is just a start! We have more plans for 2017 so keep checking back.