Matte Paint New Car Protection

Matte Paint New Car Protection

Our Advanced Matt Paint New Car Protection provides the best possible protection for your brand new, matte painted car.

Your matte paintwork is very special and because of that, it can’t be treated like normal paint. The biggest differences are:

  • It cannot be polished so any scratches you get can only be repaired by paint
  • It is highly suseptible to oxidisation and discoloured spots
  • The chemical structure of the surface is very different to gloss paint and whilst coatings designed for gloss paint can be applied without changing the appearance, they don’t adhere well because of the structural difference.

Matte paint cannot be polished so any defects it picks up are there forever, choosing the right protection is essential.


Gyeon Q2 Matte

Gyeon Q2 Matte offers world-class protection for matte painted vehicles. It is an Si02 (silicon dioxide) coating designed from scratch to cater for the complex structure of matte finishes protecting them from oxidisation and discolouring, damage from strong chemicals – between ph2 to ph11 and it has great self-cleaning abilities and demonstrates impressive beading

Our New Car Protection Matte Paint gently cleans and prepares the painted surface for the world-class Gyeon Quartz Matte sealant. This offers a hard shell that maintains the matte appearance and improves its ability to withstand minor abrasion; it also makes it a lot easier to clean and it will stay cleaner for longer. You can expect durability to be 12-18 months although this can be extended with the use of Gyeon Cure Matte.

But we don’t just treat the paintwork, we also treat every other surface inside and out with surface specific coatings designed to offer the best level of protection possible without changing the appearance or feel. Protection includes paintwork, trims, wheels, glass, brake calipers, lights, carpets, fabrics and leather.

Your dealership will offer you a protection treatment when you buy your car but nothing they can offer comes anywhere close to the quality of our offering.

This is what is included:

  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • 3 bucket safe wash with Gyeon Bathe shampoo
  • Safe paint decontamination
  • High pressure rinse
  • High velocity warm air blow dry
  • Paintwork wiped down with Gyeon Prep in readiness for the coating
  • Gyeon Matte applied and cured, Gyeon Cure Matte applied afterwards
  • Wheels removed, cleaned, Gyeon Rim applied by airbrush and infrared baked.
  • Brake calipers coated with Gyeon Rim
  • Wheels refitted to manufacturer torque specification
  • Tyres dressed with Gyeon Tire
  • Glass deep cleaned and coated with Gyeon View glass sealant
  • Gyeon Fabric applied to carpets and fabrics
  • Leather seats and trim cleaned and treated with Gyeon Leathershield
  • Exhaust cleaned and protected with Gyeon Rim

We are confident our service offers the highest level of protection using the best products available on the market. It usually takes 2 full days to carry out this service.

To find out more information or to make a booking you can contact us on 0800 0433055. For a free, no obligation quotation you can use our online quote system.