New Car Protection

New Car Protection Treatment

Why should you consider using a Detailer for your new car protection rather than simply leaving it to the dealership?

To the untrained eye, your new car will look perfect when the keys are handed over to you. Sadly, the reality is too frequently, a lot different. The valeting team at your main dealer will carry out all the service washes for customer cars in for service and repair, clean all the showroom cars daily, clean all the cars on the used car pitch 2 or 3 times per week, prepare cars taken in part exchange for sale and prepare every new car being collected – including yours. The valeting teams are not well staffed or well trained, and they have a very limited time to prepare your new car and apply any protection products you purchased. As a result, you will almost certainly end up with swirl marks in the paint and poorly applied protection products that won’t last as long as the salesman claimed. In direct sunlight, you will be able to see the swirls which look like a spider’s web in your paint and after a few weeks the protection products will have worn off.

This is where our New Car Protection service fits in.

We will take your new car as close to delivery as possible ideally, on the day you collect it. We always advise that you ask the dealership not to wash the car before collection (or when you take it in for service!) Over the course of 2 or 3 days will make sure your new car is absolutely perfect before applying your chosen protection products to all surfaces, inside and out. This includes the paintwork, alloy wheels, glass, plastic trims, carpets, fabric, leather and tyres. We have 3 levels of paint protection for our New Car Protection service so we should have something to suit your lifestyle and budget. The interior, glass, exterior trims and tyres are always protected with Gyeon products. Paint can be waxed using Swissvax waxes or upgraded to include a range of ceramic coating including our range-topping Gyeon Durabead/MOHS+. Our personal choice would be to use one of the ceramic coatings we offer due to their increased durability, resistance to swirling and bird lime and ease of cleaning.

When you collect your car from us it will look like it should have done when it left the dealership and it will be much easier to keep it looking like new. In fact, it will look better than it did when it left the track in the factory! Put two new cars together – one with dealer applied coatings and one we have done and the difference will be obvious.

We also offer our customers the use of our brand new Courtesy Car (subject to status, T&C’s apply), something no other Detailer in the area can offer.

Our New Car Protection treatment includes:

  • Very comprehensive wash process including Snow Foam pre-wash, 3 bucket safe wash using a brand new Gyeon microfibre wash mitt, detailed clean of panel gaps, grills etc, chemical decontamination, filtered water rinse and hot air drying.
  • Digital paintwork inspection using a paint thickness gauge and several lighting sources.
  • Full machine polish to remove paint defects and perfect the appearance of the paintwork.
  • Pre-wax cleaner or Gyeon Prep applied to paintwork prior to applying the wax or ceramic coating.
  • Wax is applied and layered or your chosen ceramic coating is applied according to manufacturer directions.
  • Gyeon Trim Coating applied to exterior plastic trims.
  • Glass is polished and Gyeon View, a high-performance water repellent, is applied to all exterior glass surfaces. This makes a big difference to visibility when you are driving in the rain.
  • Alloy wheels are removed, prepared and Swissvax Autobahn or Gyeon Rim is applied to all surfaces (depending on paint protection chosen.)
  • Smooth, painted brake callipers are also protected with Swissvax Autobahn or Gyeon RIM.
  • Exhaust tips polished and protected with Gyeon RIM.
  • Tyres protected by Gyeon TIRE.
  • Interior vacuumed and plastics/leather specialist cleaned as needed.
  • Interior glass polished.
  • Carpets and all fabrics protected with Gyeon Fabric Protection.
  • All leather surfaces protected with Gyeon Leather Protection.
  • Photographs will be taken throughout the process.
  • Any evidence of paint repair or damage will be reported to you and supported by a written report if required.

Paint Protection Choices

  • Swissvax Best of Show and Swissvax Autobahn are the standard protection products for the paint and wheels.
  • Gyeon Can Coat and Gyeon RIM (Offering around 6 months paint protection)
  • Gyeon Prime (Ceramic paint sealant) and Gyeon RIM (Ceramic wheel sealant). 12-18 months paint protection.
  • Gyeon MOHS+ or Durabead (Ceramic paint sealant) and Gyeon RIM (Ceramic wheels sealant). We will guarantee this for as long as you own the car subject to an Annual Inspection Service.

Typically we will spend 16-24 hours working on your new car – compare that to the 1-2 hours you will find at your local dealership.


For more information or to book a service please call us free on 0800 0433055.

We can collect and deliver cars if required. (By prior arrangement only – FOC within a 30-mile radius.) We are less than a mile from Cradley Heath train station and can collect/drop you off there. Or, we have two courtesy cars available (subject to status, T&C’s apply.)

*The lifetime paintwork protection guarantee applies as long as you own the car and requires regular application of Gyeon Cure and an annual maintenance clean to be carried out by us.

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