New Car Protection

New Car Protection

When buying a brand new car most of us spend quite a long time reading brochures, building cars online and visiting dealerships looking for the perfect car and a great deal. What we don’t think about are the add-ons the dealer will try and sell you. Gap Insurance, Alloy Wheel Insurance and New Car Protection are all examples. All have their merits and you should consider them, but remember there are alternatives available which can often provide better value for money or higher quality service.

We don’t offer Gap Insurance but we can offer you an unbeatable service for your New Car Protection and our Alloygators can prevent damage to your Alloy Wheels in the first place.

If you have chosen a car with a matte paint finish check out our dedicated Matte New Car Protection service.

What is Reflections Detailing New Car Protection Service?

Looking after the appearance of your car is something that should be considered alongside other routine maintenance such as servicing. Choosing the right protection service for your new car will ensure it looks as good in three, four, five years time as it does on day one, it also reduces the amount of time you need to spend keeping it clean.

Our New Car Protection service treats every surface of your car with innovative, durable products from Gyeon Quartz and Mayvinci. Reflections Detailing has been professionally certified by both of these manufacturers giving us access to their exclusive, Certified Detailer only products. We were the first company in the Midlands to achieve Gyeon Quartz Certified Detailer status and we are the ONLY company with Mayvinci Master Detailer Certification giving us access to the unbelievable, Mayvinci Oracle Self-Healing ceramic coating.

In an ideal world, we will book your new car in as close to delivery as possible preferably, on the day you collect it. We always advise that you ask the dealership not to wash the car before collection if possible to limit the risk of damage being done to the paintwork. Once we receive your car we spend 16-24 hours preparing your car for and treating it with the surface protection you have chosen. Our New car Protection service includes full machine polishing to remove any paint defects and minor swirling. Road wheels are removed so that we can treat the wheel barrel and not just the wheel face. While the wheels are off we also treat painted calipers with the same, high-performance ceramic coating.

A popular option we have is our safe wash tuition service where we will teach you how to look after your new car in the safest way possible, we can supply the products you will need as well.

Paint Protection Choices

  • Gyeon Can Coat, 6-9 months protection – included as standard.
  • Gyeon Pure, 12-18 months protection, improved surface hardness – available as an upgrade.
  • Mayvinci C16, 3 years of protection, surface hardness, good self-cleaning.
  • Mayvinci Ayanmo, 5 years guaranteed protection, looks superb, great self-cleaning, great surface hardness.
  • Gyeon DuraFlex, 5 years guaranteed protection, superb looks and self-cleaning.
  • Mayvinci Oracle, the ultimate Self-Healing Ceramic Coating, 5 years guarantees protection and self-healing of swirls and light scratches. Looks superb and has excellent self-cleaning properties. ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH REFLECTIONS DETAILING in the Midlands.

All Surface Protection includes:

  • Market leading paintwork coatings.
  • Exterior trim.
  • Head and tail lights.
  • Alloy wheels – removed to allow face and barrel treatment.
  • Brake calipers.
  • Exhaust Tips.
  • Exterior glass.
  • Carpet and upholstery.
  • Leather seating and trim.
  • Interior hard surfaces.

You can get an instant online quote here or for more information, please call us on 0800 0433055.

We can collect and deliver cars if required. (By prior arrangement only – FOC within a 20-mile radius.) We are less than a mile from Cradley Heath train station which has direct links into Birmingham, Worcester an Stratford upon Avon and can collect/drop you off there.