protection detail

Protection Detail

Do you want world-class, all surface protection for your car without the costs associated with high-end detailing? Read on, maybe our Protection Detail is for you.

Detailing normally includes paint correction to some degree – that is, reducing or removing paint defects using one or more stages of machine polishing. We do this because the ceramic sealants we use are long-lasting and any defects in the paintwork are sealed in, for a long time.

However, we know not all customers want perfect paintwork, they want it to be clean and vibrant with a good depth to the colour. They won’t spend time washing their car carefully using a safe wash system to prevent swirls and will instead use one of the many roadside car washes to keep their car clean. With the busy lifestyles we have it is understandable and it makes paint correction somewhat of a waste of money due to the damage these places cause to your car.

However, market-leading protection is still a worthwhile investment. It will help to keep your car looking clean for longer, it offers more resistance to the type of damage washing can cause (compared to unprotected, waxed or polymer sealed paintwork) and it looks fantastic. The processes and products we use aren’t to be mistaken for the inferior products sold by main dealers – the way they are applied pretty much guarantees they will fail quickly and they really aren’t worth the money you pay for them. The coatings we use are all from the Gyeon range and we include their best paint coating, Gyeon Quartz DuraFlex, as standard.

What Does Our Protection Detail Include?

Our Protection Detail includes everything you’ll find in our standard detailing packages with the exception of paint correction. We’ll still polish the paintwork but it will be aimed at colour restoration and depth only.

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  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • 3 bucket safe wash
  • Detailed clean of panel gaps, door shuts etc
  • High-pressure rinse
  • Safe chemical paint decontamination
  • Soft towel dry
ceramic coating wheels
  • Wheels removed, cleaned and ceramic coated
  • Glass cleaned and coated to aid water disbursement
  • Plastic trim coated
  • Lights coated
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and coated
  • Paintwork polished to restore colour and improve depth
  • Panel wipe down to prepare for ceramic coatings
  • Application of Gyeon Quartz Durabead 5-year ceramic coating and IR baking
interior protection
  • Interior vacuumed and plastics cleaned
  • Fabrics and carpet treated
  • Leather cleaned and treated
  • Glass cleaned


  • Your car will look great
  • It will stay clean for longer and be easier to clean
  • Improved visibility in heavy rain and snow
  • Protection against spills, stains and dye transfer on fabric and leather surfaces
  • No need to polish or wax your car for 5 years

Next Steps

You can contact us on 0800 0433055 during office hours for more details or to make a booking. You can also get a free online quotation.

We would normally need your car for one full day to complete this service.