Snow Chance of Damaged Alloys

Snow Chance of Damaged Alloys

Snow. That white stuff that falls from the sky and turns normally competent motorists into quivering wrecks. I’m sure we’ve all been stuck in traffic, sliding around, desperately trying to get traction while bouncing off the kerb. It’s a horrible feeling because you know you just kerbed your wheels.

Fortunately, a British company called AlloyGator has the answer. AlloyGators are very hard nylon trims that fit around the edge of your wheel and offer very effective protection against kerb damage. They come in two styles and 15 colours and we are an official AlloyGator Partner.

damaged alloygator, undamaged wheel
No damage on the wheel of this Fiat 500 despite heavily damaged AlloyGators.

We carry the full range in stock and can fit them to your car in around half an hour. Our usual price is £120 for the standard trim and £150 for the brand new, Exclusive trim. Right now though we have a special offer where the standard trim is just £89 fitted and the Exclusive are an absolute bargain at £99 fitted! This offer finishes on the 22nd December 2017 (when we close for Christmas) so hurry!